Carlos Romero

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Professor of Economics, Technical University of Madrid

ETS Ingenieros de Montes

Ciudad Universitaria s/n

28040 Madrid, Spain


Fax: 34-915439557


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Carlos Romero, MS in Agricultural Sciences, MS in Statistics and Operational Research, PhD in Agricultural Economics is a  Professor of Economics at  the Technical University of Madrid.

He is author, co-author or co-editor of 20 books and more than 200 papers ( 94 of them appearing in the ISI data basis) with an interdisciplinary perspective that combines engineering, economics and applied mathematics. His research has generated more than  2100  citations with an “ h index” of 27 (ISI data basis), and more than 5750 citations with an "h index" of 37 according to the Google Scholar.He is elected fellow of several associations like the "Operational Research". Among other editorial positions he is currently Area Editor ("Multiobjective Optimization and Goal Programming") of the Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Associate Editor ("Operations Research") of Forest Science.

Professor Carlos Romero has received several awards and distinctions like the National Prize in Economics and the Environment (Spanish Ministry of Environment, 2001) and the Georg Cantor Award (International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, 2006).



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