• BSc and MSc Forest Engineering (6 year-courses, Technical University of Madrid, 2006) with maximum grade (Sobresaliente).
  • MSc in Restoration Ecology (Inter-Univeristy Master thesis with honors; UAH, UCM, URJC and UPM, 2008)
  • BSc. Environmental Sciences (Lic. Ciencias Ambientales. UNED, 2009).
  • Expert degree in Advanced Methods of Applied Statistics (Maximum grade, UNED, 2009).

Research Initiation Grant by the Spanish Ministry of Education (2005-2006) to work on Rangeland Ecology and Management at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) to work on the effect on red deer browsing on woody plant communities


Ph.D. with European Doctorate Mention and Summa cum laude. Programme in Advanced Forest Research (Technical University of Madrid, Spain, 2011). Extraordinary Doctoral Award and “Ecosistemas” Award for the best PhD summary by the Spanish Society of Terrestrial Ecology. Title: “Animal seed dispersal and predation in temperate forests”.


In 2011, I moved to Doñana Biological Station (EBD, CSIC) to collaborate in a research project about seed dispersal by mammals. Then, I worked as Postdoctoral Researcher on several research projects funded by the Spanish National Parks Agency and the Ministry of Science (2012-2014) where I mostly focused my research on plant-plant interactions (plant facilitation) and the effect of wild ungulates on woody plants. In 2013, I was awarded a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF) to join Stanford University (USA). There, I developed the research project BIOSTRESS Linking biotic and abiotic stress in the net outcome of plant interactions-. In 2015, I was appointed Lecturer at Stanford University where I have been teaching Plant Biology, Ecology and Evolution as the main instructor and coordinator as well as advising graduate and undergraduate students. During 2017-2020, I was a Ramón y Cajal fellow (Senior Researcher) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Since 2020, I am an Associate Professor (PCD-I3) at  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

INTERNATIONAL STAYS: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil (2017), Stanford University, California, USA (2014-2016); Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK (2010), University of Nevada, USA (2009) and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden (2005).

PUBLICATIONS: Author and coauthor of 58 international peer-reviewed articles included in the Journal Citation Reports (in 23 of them I was the first author and 13 as the senior author). Five books, 21 book chapters and another 20 publications (non-indexed articles). See publications

RESEARCH PROJECTS: Since 2005, I have participated in 20 Research projects (3 International, 7 from National Plans and Spanish National Parks, 9 from Autonomous Communities, and 1 from Biodiversity Foundation). Currently Principal Investigator (PI) of four competitive research projects from Ministry of Science,  UPM, Madrid Region and National Parks-OAPN See current research topics and projects

CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS: 47 communications in international (31) and national (16) conferences. Convener of “Seed dispersal and frugivory” symposium at the MEDECOS-AEET conference (Seville, 2017)

REVIEWER IN SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS and PANELS:  Member of the review panel for the US National Science Foundation (NSF; 2014-2015). Reviewer in 45 JCR scientific journals: Journal of Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Forest Systems, Acta Ornithologica, Integrative Zoology, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Forest Ecology and Management, Oecologia, Plos One, Journal of Forest Research, Journal of Applied Ecology, Oikos, Journal of Plant Research, Zoological Science, Acta Oecologica, European Journal of Forest Research, Botanical Sciences, Ecological Research, Animal Behaviour, Mammal Study, Ecosphere, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, European Journal of Wildlife Research, New Forests, American Journal of Botany, Ecological Engineering, Animal Biodiversity and Conservation, Journal of Environmental Management, Wildlife Research, Zoology, Plant Species Biology, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Journal of Plant Growth Regulation, Journal for Nature Conservation, Behaviour, Biology Letters, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, Functional Ecology, Conservation Letters, Ecological Indicators, Journal of Arid Land, Austral Ecology, Rangeland Ecology and Management, Ecology and Evolution and Forests

TEACHING: Different courses in the degree of Forestry Engineering and Master in Advanced Forest Research since 2008 (Rangeland Management and Agroforestry systems; Management of Protected Species; Forest Ecology and Geobotany; Experimental Design; Impacts on wildlife). Main instructor and coordinator of BIO44Y (Plant Biology, Ecology and Evolution) at Stanford University.

Major advisor of 2 Doctoral Theses, 13 Graduate theses (PFC or TFC), 1 International Bachelor thesis, and 3 Master Theses at UPM, UAB and Stanford University. Currently co-advising 5 PhD students and 4 Graduate theses. Seminars at EBD (Seville), University of Nevada (USA), Jasper Ridge (Stanford University, USA) and Cabañeros National Park.

OTHER MERITS: Second Award in Popularization of Science (FECYT and Ministry of Science, 2008), two awards of best poster presentation. Head of Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) for the International Forest Student Association (2007-2008). Projects and technical reports in Species Conservation, Game and Wildlife management. UPM Excellence Award for outstanding research trajectory (Research Projection Award 2016) and Medal “Agustín de Betancourt” by the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering (2017)