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Violeta Roch (2003-2006). Viole worked hardly during the first fieldweeks in the Sierra de Gredos to recover megafossils and tried alternatives to microtomy to identify woody remains (charcoalization and reflection microscopy). Additionally, Viole helped to provide guidelines to identify Pinus sylvestris, P. nigra and P. uncinata  in the basis of their wood anatomy. See Rubiales et al. 2009

Laura Hernández (2005-2009), Laura studied the charred remains obtained from the Vaccaean site of Pintia (Duero basin) and presented brilliantly this work in her master’s thesis. She identified a number of locally extinct taxa, demonstrated the native character of controversial species and showed that archaeological data can also help to address some important questions on the past human land management. See Rubiales et al. 2011, Hernández et al. 2011.

Elena Moreno (2008-2010). Co-supervised by Nacho García-Amorena, Elena worked with megafossils and cone remains of the burgalese paramo, in a palaeolake near Tubilla del Lago. Her results were part of an excellent  master’s thesis in which it was showed that Pinus nigra had, at the late-Holocene, a wider distribution than present towards the east. See García-Amorena et al., 2011.

Ignacio Cañas (2008-2010). While studying in the University of Valladolid, Nacho has done intense field work to find low-altitude sites with soil charred remains from the Tierra de Pinares, at the Duero basin. Lately, he has studied the leonese site of Pobladura de la Sierra (Sierra del Teleno), now surrounded by extensive shrublands. There, he has discovered arboreal presence dating from the Historical period. His MS Thesis was co-supervised by Juan Andrés Oria.

José C. Miranda (2009-2010), have had a grant to study charred remains from high altitude furnaces of still fairly unknown origin. These intriguing furnaces were discovered by foresters, that kindly communicated their findings to our teamwork. His research is still in progress, buy he can advance that highland pines seem to have been intensely selected as fuelwood during the historical period. This might have been the major cause of demise of these forests at the late-Holocene.

Elvira Pérez (2010-2012) has recently finished her work on the long-term history of the forests of Gredos. Her MS thesis (co-supervised with Nacho García-Amorena) deepen in the understanding of the late-Holocene demise of pines by the study of archaeological remains. She had the challenge of working with information from archaeologists, historical data and anthracological methods and to try to elucidate the origin of furnaces and the human impact derived from ancient land-use practices.

Esteban Collazos (2015-2016) contributed to create a flash flood record of the last century in a managed forest  in the Sierra de Guadarrama. He explored the interferences with other extreme climatic events and demonstrated that despite the occurrence of intense forest works, it is possible to obtain sound palaeohydrological record with tree-ring methods.

Recent publications

Ezquerra, F.J., Cañas, I.,  Oria-de-Rueda, J.A.,  Rubiales, J.M., 2019. Late-Holocene fossil evidence and the interpretation of the vegetation in NW Iberia: management issues in the light of palaeoecological findings. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany,28,1,35-50 doi  

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Other publications

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